Sunday, 7 May 2017

Doodle of the Day !

Pheww what a struggle work! I've not drawing on sai for a long time , and now it is done .

bram bram braaammmm

I really mess myself , even my finger cramps for holding the mouse too tight like my hand is shaking lol :D

a simple yet annoying little sketch

credit goes to 

so lately , I've been dreaming to own a pen tablet to make my work easier . I've been craving to draw back after years since I've been visiting fyi ive been following her since 2011 I guess . I really adore her as a great doodler !

She was really cute and my template is somehow inspired by her official site little bit. Im still working on it . 
stay tuned! :)

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Macam mana nak pilih course ((my version))

every student lepasan spm semua mesti tengah confuse nak sambung belajar kat mana sekarang ni . same bruh . have u ever heard people saying ' spm is not ur ending , it's ur beginning'

for some reason it is false because we end our school life so it is our ending . for some reason also it is true because we are a step closer to university life , wether masuk asasi , diploma , a-level and so on.

so , for me , as one of candidate of spm 2016 also having the same problem . but after attending some bengkel and ceramah , akhirnya saya dapat solusi nya ; fikir sendiri . yeah fikir sendiri .

because it is we are the one who will pursue study , so only we know what we like , what we want to be .

from one of seminar i've attend , we must choose course based on :

1. Peperiksaan - berapa keputusan peperiksaan kita dapat
2. Peluang - ada tak peluang untuk kita masuk bidang yang kita mahu
3. Minat - apa yg kita betul-betul suka
4. Nilai - how are we adapt ourselves dengan bidang yg kita nak .

the motivator once said , kalau letak minat nombor satu , you are really challenging yourself  (coz you are out of your ability)

So for me , i have no idea about myself because i like almost everything >,< so it is so hard for me to choose one to learn . theres lot of benefit in each course we take. medicine , pharmacy , dentistry , engineering , architechture , culinary , masscom .. and so on

so , step one :

I took initiative to take holland test on career so i am an AIS person . Artistic , Investigative and Social . You can do holland personality test  HERE

in 2014 , i am an AIR person , which is Artistic , Investigative and Realistic . Year by year , our personality could chance affected by our surrounding and life style . So setakat ini , nothing change much about me .

I've also done some CAREER TEST  so I've got this .

From here , i've gain some guts to take architechture soon . :) that's my conclusion for now .
Based on my spm result , i have no problem to fix myself in any course coz im flexible babe :*

Soon , if i've ever questioning myself why i ever chose to take arch , so dearself , i've made a special post for you :"D

step two ,

After you've decided what are you actually , go search for few choice you have right now . Doesnt matter if it is thru diploma , asasi , politeknik , kolej kemahiran or whatsoever .

my senior's advice is , enjoy your study year . no matter how long it is .
so , enjoy where ever you are . it is the best place for you to learn . maybe not only learn to work. you are also learning to live . :D be grateful kids.

step three ,

Yes guys , we live by chance . But dont live by chance forever coz we have the chance to design too . plan your journey in life properly . not only for weeks or months . nak hidup 12 bulan je ke? plan for your life and live them happily . Only you know what you want in your life , wether it is a happy ending or a suffering ending , choiii

that's all i can spit out for now , i'll  update some more soon maybe . idc :')

btw , here is some info for you
Holland's Six Personality Types
  • Likes to work with animals, tools, or machines; generally avoids social activities like teaching, healing, and informing others;
  • Has good skills in working with tools, mechanical or electrical drawings, machines, or plants and animals;
  • Values practical things you can see, touch, and use like plants and animals, tools, equipment, or machines; and
  • Sees self as practical, mechanical, and realistic.
  • Likes to study and solve math or science problems; generally avoids leading, selling, or persuading people;
  • Is good at understanding and solving science and math problems;
  • Values science; and
  • Sees self as precise, scientific, and intellectual.
  • Likes to do creative activities like art, drama, crafts, dance, music, or creative writing; generally avoids highly ordered or repetitive activities;
  • Has good artistic abilities -- in creative writing, drama, crafts, music, or art;
  • Values the creative arts -- like drama, music, art, or the works of creative writers; and
  • Sees self as expressive, original, and independent.
  • Likes to do things to help people -- like, teaching, nursing, or giving first aid, providing information; generally avoids using machines, tools, or animals to achieve a goal;
  • Is good at teaching, counseling, nursing, or giving information;
  • Values helping people and solving social problems; and
  • Sees self as helpful, friendly, and trustworthy.
  • Likes to lead and persuade people, and to sell things and ideas; generally avoids activities that require careful observation and scientific, analytical thinking;
  • Is good at leading people and selling things or ideas;
  • Values success in politics, leadership, or business; and
  • Sees self as energetic, ambitious, and sociable.
  • Likes to work with numbers, records, or machines in a set, orderly way; generally avoids ambiguous, unstructured activities
  • Is good at working with written records and numbers in a systematic, orderly way;
  • Values success in business; and
  • Sees self as orderly, and good at following a set plan.

Monday, 6 March 2017


10 Day Challenge : Day 10

One Confession :

For real , I am ...

I've already confess lots of thing in my '10 Day Challenge' ehehehehehe i am sorry cuz i am so bored and empty :"D

I am sorry people , if you want to read about my confession love story , I am still not ready to share it for now . I will but soon :*

This is how my life went together with these smileys

10 Day Challenge : Day 9

Two smileys that describe my life right now :

1. :"D

I like this smiley and i use it a lot because it can mean like 'oh okay' or maybe 'wtf' or'stfu' but based on who and how i use it with words . Life is getting harder day by day because we keep cares on simple thing and being down from expectations more than the fact . Head up dear and keep moving forward *flying kiss

2. T.T

Okay I know this is not a smiley but idc . This smiley shows that i cry sometimes so that means i have emotions and feelings too lol why do i cares ?

My laptop have no version of emojis so i am making it with some words available of this keyboard and i hope people could understand it . so can you?

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Three things that will make me happy :D

10 Day Challenge : Day 8

Three turn ons : 

1. Scrumptious food . Have you ever heard foods can make you happier than people ? Yes baby you are at top in my turn ons :D

2. Satisfying outfits . I am really interested in nice clothes but i can't afford em so if i ever upload my ootd means that i like my outfit of that day 

3. Precious friends around me. I've mention in my previous post on how friends really made my day muach

I dont like people yelling :(

10 Day Challenge : Day 7

Four turn offs :

1. Orang yang membebel yang tidak bersebab yang kukuh and yelling at everything .

2. Lapar dan letih : masa ni memang aku akan jadi bad mood serta merta , tak bercakap dengan orang dan mudah terasa serta marah . 

3. Suasana yang hambar dan boring akan buatkan saya bosan dan takde mood . mood tidur mungkin ada kut.

4. Tak dapat attention because i need attention but i am shy at the same time you got me??

Aku tengok korang pun dah bahagia . Who?

10 Days Challenge : Day 6

Five people who mean a lot

1. My friends , i put them at front because i spent my time with them more than my family . Walaupun aku bukan sesiapa penting untuk mereka , aku tetap rasa mereka penting untuk aku sebab tengok diorang pun dah rasa bahagia . that's it. I love you guys so much .

2. My Abah , he is my motivation , support anything that i do in many ways . he didn't say , he show by agreeing . 

3. My mom, she gave birth to me but i'm not that close to her . for some reasons

4. My coach , i learn a lot from him . when i say a lot , it is termasuk luar dari taekwondo . More to living my life.

5. My siblings , tanpa mereka , sunyi lah hidup saya di rumah dan di mana mana :D

Sebenarnya people around me mean a lot to me , in so many ways and thanks to whoever yang pernah hadir dalam hidup aku , I appreciate u guys so much muah

I wish I don't do all of this .

Hye ! It is 10 Days Challenge : Day 5

Six things I wish you'd never done.

1. Habiskan duit secara boros . macam beli headphone pastu rosak pastu beli lagi then rosak lagi . haihh those goods are really good la 

2. Tak mengaji betul betul masa zaman sekolah menengah . contohnya tidur masa tasmi' , masa prep dan masa masa lapang untuk mengaji.

3. Pergi kelas tak tengok cermin dulu . because i am sick of masuk kelas dengan jilbab yang terbalik . Muka memang malu tak tahu nak letak mana . hehe 

4. Hantar phone kat warden masa zaman asrama dulu. Sebab the moment tak hantar phone adalah paling best sebab rasa macam buat jenayah tapi tak . how is that?

5. Tak pecah masuk asrama lelaki masa diorang solat jumaat when i have the chance . hehe i takde guts nak pecah masuk rumah orang ni but i wish i'd done that :D

6. Kalah dalam kejohanan taekwondo yang aku masuk sebab aku baru sedar betapa senangnya nak menang lawan budak budak sekolah dengan ability yang aku ada few years back then .

Sebenarnya mostly of my act , i made with reason . one of it is i will not regret of what im doing because i will love this in future so i've done lots of things without regretting em. porelee *qema

i am a good student kan wink wink

Monday, 13 February 2017

What is in my mind ?

It is Day 4 of 10 Days Challenge !

Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1. Macam mana aku mati .

2. When i get old , who will be by my side or am i gonna trouble my family with a weak body that need their support to do my routine ? 

3. Bila aku nak kawin .

4. Kawan kawan sekolah menengah , because i miss them a lot macam nak nangeh gitu bila duduk sorang2 terkenang kan kisah kisah manis dan pahit masa zaman sekolah.

5. nak amik course apa ni.

6. Nanti besar nak kerja apa 

7. bae tengah buat apa .

Sebenarnya aku ni memang banyak betul fikirannya tapi yang terkeluarnya hanya 7 dari berjuta juta persoalan dalam hidup saya sehari hari sebab i am a keep-wondering person. 

That 5 and 6 tu random thought sebab basically i am a student yang menunggu result spm so , it is common la tu think about that kan hehe 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

If you have sparkling eyes ,,, ;)

So hey guys! Its Day 3 of 10 Days Challenge so here it is

Eight ways to win my heart

1. Someone with a good looking face in my eyes , of course because we tend to get used with the word 'judge the book by its cover' , kan ?. Theres a lot of handsome guy i've met but i just dont fell for the look. you got me?

2. Let's go have some walk and talk about anything. 

3. Play sport  (any sport)

4. Make a sparkling eyes because i love them so much !

5. Make your hairstyle like kpop hahahaha wtf

6. Bring me try delicious food.

7. tall ?


Hahahahhahah this topic gave me a goosebump-lah ! Maybe because i am really not into being a girl to win the heart for .. ? 

Saturday, 11 February 2017

I am afraid of the dark!

 Hey guys ! Its Day 2 Of 10 Day Challenge so here I am ,

Nine things about myself

1. I have such an impressing high confidence . like , more to muka tak malu. If you found me being shy , there must be a reason behind it winkwink

2. I am afraid of the dark . You know why ? It is because I feel like I can see many invisible shadow in my mind (ghost) . Lol I dont but I feel like he he So Thats why I hate darkness . Ops does that means I am afraid of ghost!?

3. I am seriously hate leeches , pacat , cacing , ulat bulu , ulat daun , and every single binatang yang takde tulang belakang . But i love nature a lot huhu 

4. I choose to walk alone rather than walk in group . maybe duo is better .

5. I love to stare at people so lama like you can feel you explore that person really deep inside them .  Then i feel like describing them inner and outer side. Few ppl told me this padahal aku tak perasan pula benda ni. 

6. I love sports so much and feels like trying all of them walaupun tak reti.

7. I am a person yang selalu termenung . I dont know if I am thinking or what but , i just ,, termenung , you know?

8. I am an easy going person like if you deal with me , we will went along together because i am a person with the motto 'never say no before u try'

9. I have a good eyesight (i dont wear spectacles)

I am really sorry for the late update because my wifi isn't working these few days and I have a packed schedule with my training , teaching class and so on . I hope everything is going so fine . I wish you a happy life *flying kiss*

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Thank you guys for existing in my life !

   I am very out of idea for the new entry so here come the random thought I've decided to make : 10 Day Challenge. Sebenarnya aku jumpa picture ni dekat Twitter , and I read one's tweet about this challenge but somehow I refuse to make this on Twitter so I make it here. I am pleased to have someone make this with me and please inform if you do .

 Today is Day 1 of 10 Days Challenge. 

Ten things I want to say to ten different people right now.

1. Terima kasih sebab peduli pasal aku selama kita kenal , walaupun aku tak pernah hargai apa yang kau buat . Last2 baru aku rasa bersyukur sebab ada orang yang peduli pasal hidup aku , dari segi amalan rohaniah , kau selalu ingatkan aku dan pentingkan aku dari orang lain. -she who watch me from afar-

2. Aku rasa beruntung sebab ditemukan dengan orang macam kamu , sebab banyak benda aku belajar dari kamu , jatuh bangun kamu dalam bangunkan pekerjaan kamu , sangat ramah dan mesra , sentiasa nak jadi 'seseorang' dalam hidup orang lain walaupun kamu selalu dilupakan . Kamu tahu mereka datang dan pergi tapi kamu iringi pemergian mereka dengan secebis memori ttg kamu spy kamu kekal dikenali . -someone i respect the most- 

3. Hai handsome, i like you a lot , a lot . Thank you for making my life at school so bright and happening full of crush story and crazy emotional along the years >A<  -crush-

4. Aku nak ucap terima kasih dan maaf sebab tak sempat bersua muka sebelum kamu meninggal dunia . Kamu sangat baik sbg seorang bukan muslim , aku harap kamu sempat meninggal dlm keadaan beriman tpi takdir dah tentukan . You affected my life a lot in learning. You'll always remembered . -someone i miss-

5. Hi , I've been adore you such a long time , watching you from afar and found out you are so unique and limited edition , i just want to get closer to you but you are so closed person . I lost you contact and you are nowhere to be found in social media \lol\ 

6. Aku rindu nak belajar dengan korang semua dalam kelas , dalam bilik seminar , buat bising masa self study , makan kat kafe , makan kat kerusi batu bawah pokok kat asrama , makan kat surau . Aku harap boleh putar balik masa . T^T

7. Terima kasih sebab sudi didik saya sampai pandai , datang sekolah malam-malam untuk make sure result gempak dan anak murid semua jadi manusia , dapat ilmu sepenuhnya untuk further study . Maafkanlah saya yang tak reti nak berbaik dengan elderly and for my gurauan yg melukakan. 

8. Aku jeles betul dengan kau , kuat gila . Sangat bising dan open to everyone . Langsung tak kesah pasal apa orang kata , peramah dan mesra , sangat bersemangat . Aku harap aku boleh serap kau punya positivity dalam diri kau pastu letak dalam aku hahaha -qy-

9. Kau bila nak matured ? ahahahhahahahha -ch-

10. Kau la paling banyak mulut , yang pernah aku kenal. Tapi bila takde mood , macam singa . Bila dengan orang yang tak kenal , macam kena kunci mulut. Kau pandai hormat orang ikut masa. Kadang kadang buat aku pun serabut tengok kau tapi kau selalu ingat aku walaupun untuk menyusahkan aku hahahah aku sayang kau walaupun annoying nak mati -b-

  So , that's it for the Day 1st , I am lacking of idea but one by one come across my mind and my fingers dance through the keyboard smoothly and I just missed everyone  :') 

 Will you accept this challenge with me?

Thursday, 2 February 2017

I just found out about free templates!

I have been using simple template as a blogger starter few years ago , then move to blogskins and now I am back to simple template but specifically washed denim template . But I am so shocked to find out that there were also free templates for simple template \lol\ I just found out that I am so outdated to this .

   Before this , I am used to the blogskins codes because it was all based on coding . Everything on your blog is managed and arranged through the codes . That was pretty troublesome because you have to understand the codes and where to put your widget and stuffs.

  That was few years back then , but this site changed my views about this world >.< . I am so mad , why did I only know about this now? I've been blogwalking these few days and figure out other blogger manage to create such an impressive template \im jealous\ . I thought that I have to buy domain first then buy a new template for the blog . In fact , there's also free template for trial!

  Therefore, the tutorial was very easy and effectively works out and I am suprised and glad to own this template on my blog. I am sorry , I'm so excited . Well said that this template is really neat and simple . It makes the whole content arranged well and easy to explore so I hope I could manage to improve my writing skills and work on this site for my self-benefit.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

My 2016 in a post

It is never too late for a 2016 sum up entry because I think it is an important year which I should remember . Maybe because it is my senior year in high school, or maybe because it is a year full of pain and torture ? like , who knows kan what had happened along the year.

  So i am seriously feeling grateful for the great year I've been passed thru. Thru thick and thin the storm hit me fuh .


 First of all, 2016 is my spm year which I sit for a big examination in my life (i think so) . So that day by day were all packed with books and stuffs like that . I have been struggling to achieve my best of result in every exam thru the year. So praise Him I made it . oh , Theres one situation where I was once hit to the ground which I scratch my Hall Of Pride when my position in the ranking list of the batch was going down (macam kena tarik dgn graviti) , compared to the previous ranking , the gap is almost 20+ . jatuh bedebok ore klate said , am i rite? this one happened when im in form four I guess.

 Sebabnya ,,,,  I am feeling so proud of myself like "alah , takyah belajar takpe. I can score all of this subjects easily-lah!" . So that was how my ego went. So , sepanjang midexam tu memang I tak study langsung and bermain main masa prep . Kalau dah sombong dengan ilmu , memang Allah tunjuk depan depan bro. Takde berkat belajar.

quote this: 'Kalau dah sombong dengan ilmu , memang Allah tunjuk depan depan bro. Takde berkat belajar. ' - Asmafiqah 2017

That was one thing I've learned thru the year, selepas dapat pengajaran macam tu lah. Lepas tu , memang aku struggle study betul betul , cuma kalau malas sikit sikit tu biasalah kan huhu .


  So , I conclude that this year is a heartwarming year where I saw my friends are being so nice to each other like we can get going together! I have no words to explain this feeling tapi I am so grateful to have such 58 close friends . Theres a lot we have been through together , as example the night war with our new warden. Kesian ustazah warden kena berhadapan dengan perangai kurang matang kami ni. Dengan macam macam lagi masalah pasal asrama , pasal juniors , all the cases we've been involved, all the programmes , all the camps , all the competition , all the pain we've been holding together dan most important , all the sweets moments we have created together. Especially lepas gabung dorm . I missed everything ; sarapan pagi , nyanyian sumbang semua orang , berebut tandas , main berambak , stay up together wether berbual kosong mahupun study , fashion show and everything.

  It will not be the same when we enter university , to meet the same friends macam batch tifoae dan ardihash ; perangai macam masuk air , tak matured , bising , annoying cam harom , clingy af dan semuanya . Kalau nak describe pasal korang ni aku perlu buat post lain duh \lol\.

So , thank you guys <3 i love you .


This is one of my best achievement along the year. I think i should jot it down here . I've been holding the 1st Degree Blackbelt in taekwondo for about 5 years . Last grading was when I'm in year 6 . I could continue next grading because of not enough training (actually because I'm so lazy) , kalau ikutkan i can take the grading masa form three lagi tapi postpone due to some issues and reasons.

  Im so envious of my few partners yang boleh grading awal , dengan grandmaster . So there come my time , I passed this grading successfully . Im so sorry I can't update the story about it. I think it is enough only to mention c:

  I think the only reason I have to write this is because im such a forgetful person. 

With that , I end up my post here , thank you for reading . What's yours?

A precious story to be shared


Assalamualaikum Aku Maira. Bukan ex student uia ataupun um. Atau sewaktu dgnnya. Aku budak kolej biasa-biasa je. Maaf kalau intro tak berapa nak cun tp aku cubalah utk menulis sehabis baik buat pembaca. Ramai sibuk cerita pasal mental disorder lah, housemate la, roomate la, mmg cerita ni ikut musim ke? Buat confessor yg cerita pasal roomate yg islamik tu, tahniah la sb dpt kawan yg zahirnya mmg nampak kebaikan dan kau sedarinya sendiri. Berbeza dgn roomate aku. Roomate aku seorang yg tegas dan nampak garang. Aku panggil sebagai Zulaikha jela ya. Orangnya cantik tapi sayang mata aku nilai dia dr segi negatif sahaja. Kalau tak kenal, confirm2 kau akan gelar dia budak sombong. Nak senyum pun payah. Senang cerita, kelakuan dia bertentangan drpd kisah roomate islamik tu. Sepanjang aku dalam bilik dgn dia, belum pernah aku nampak dia study. Tp hari-hari assignment dia siap dan dekan every sem. Dah la tidur awal, pastu bangun lambat. Entah bila dia study pun aku tak tahu. So cerita pasal dia ni jadi bualan umpat aku hari-hari kt kawan-kawan aku. Mcm-macam la aku cerita ckp dia ada membela la, pemalas la apa la. Semua negatif aku cerita. Sampailah satu hari tu aku sendiri tersedar semuanya.

Doodle of the Day !

Pheww what a struggle work! I've not drawing on sai for a long time , and now it is done . bram bram braaammmm I really mess myself ...