Thursday, 29 December 2016

I changed my url link .


Hi there!

Its been a while after spm examination for 99' liners and we were having 'fun' during this whole few months of holiday. I swear i will die in boredom if the time keeps flew away .

So , as you can see the blog is clean and clear because , um i just change the domain and i use the new blogskin theme , its dark yes i know but somehow i like it tho. 

i am really not in the mood of making new entry but seems like this new domain got no post at all , so here it is.

goodbye , have a nice holiday , dearself. T.T

Doodle of the Day !

Pheww what a struggle work! I've not drawing on sai for a long time , and now it is done . bram bram braaammmm I really mess myself ...